Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lazy Days

Lazy days are wonderful. Especially after a day like yesterday, Paul and I needed a big rest. We slept in, we watched Parks and Rec, we made cookies, and for most of the day that was it. And it was fantastic. But sometimes you do need to get out and do something to make the day extra great.

For Paul and I, that means going out to dinner at PartyCart. We threw on jeans, sandals, and helmets, and rode our bikes to the best food in Eugene. There was live music, and we ate an assortment of goodies that included pancakes with kimchi and cucumber, a salad of pickled plums and basil, and roasted tomato soup. It was warm with sunset skies, and we got to kick back and relax with some ice cream cones afterwards.

I finally snapped a picture of our permanent Red Wagon Creamery shed, affectionately called Shedland (said with a Scottish accent). I spent a long, hot day a few weeks ago painting it and now it is beautiful and red! It sure beats the tent we used to have. Eventually the wooden doors are going to be covered completely in chalkboard paint to write flavors, prices, and other things like that. This stands next to PartyCart, and there is a covered seating area in between. And it's all in the parking lot of a holistic pet food store. Young couples, old couples, lots of kids, and lots of dogs are always hanging out. It's the best. I couldn't pick a better place to relax. Tomorrow I'm going to be scooping ice cream at a slug themed beauty pageant that's been going on annually since 1983. I can't wait to see the coronation of this year's Slug Queen. Very exciting, very "Eugene" stuff going on in these parts, and I love it. 

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