Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I have an addiction, but I think it's a good one. I'm addicted to the parking lot where my two favorite food carts live. I've been working at Red Wagon a lot recently in our spot by PartyCart, and even though I'll probably have to work there again sometime this week, Paul and I went today to get dinner and desert on our off hours. It's in the cutest neighborhood, there are always children and dogs running around, on Thursdays there is live music, and it's the best food in town. I'm addicted to that parking lot, and it's getting pretty serious. 

Dinner consisted of charred peach and rosemary salad and biscuit grilled cheeses. They were handmade biscuits with pickles made of zucchini, peppers mixed with cheese, and lots of crunchy lettuce. I cannot stress enough that the sandwiches were served on biscuits, which, if I had my say in the matter, all food would be served on. We also had some wheatberries and cheese, which is one of our favorite PartyCart staples. The awesome thing about this food cart, besides the people, the atmosphere, and the local, organic, made from scratch everything, is that they change their menu every single week. Paul and I go there all the time and are constantly being surprised. And while it's sad that some of our favorites have to go, there is always something even better on the way. Served on a biscuit.

Then of course we had ice cream. I realize that I mainly blog about ice cream, but it's my favorite thing. I believe ice cream is a year round treat. When I was little I used to tell my mom that when I grew up and moved away I would eat ice cream whenever I wanted and she couldn't stop me. Well, I'm living the dream. I work for the best company ever, making the best ice cream ever. I say that with an unbiased opinion; I was a giant fan of Red Wagon long long before I got to work for them. In fact, after trying their ice cream for the first time, I went home and blogged about it. I was rereading that post the other day and after describing how much I loved Red Wagon I said, "I plan to go there so often that they will be practically forced to give me a job over the summer." Well I must be psychic, because here I am seven months later, with a job I thought I would have to beg to get. I didn't even have to beg!

Ice cream dreams aside, Paul and I do spend a serious amount of time in that parking lot. PartyCart has this mini fridge in front of their cart that they occasionally sell a local soda from. It's painted with chalk paint and has had the same scribbles on it for months. The more I see this side though, the less I think it's just scribbles. It looks very intentionally like a dead fox in a tuxedo and hat holding a bowl to me. Paul thought I was crazy. But I drew what I saw, and putting them side by side, I think I can make a strong case for the hungry dead fox.

One of the best parts of our addiction to the food cart parking lot is the four-ish mile bike ride there and back. I love my bike. I love to ride her to go get delicious food. Here I was growling at Paul while on my bike because I am a beast and my red bike will not be stopped. I named her Pollyanna and we are a powerful team. I like ice cream and she likes pavement, but we get along great.

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