Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Vacation Days

On Sunday I had the day off from work to go up to Portland to see my family. However I was not feeling awesome and sitting through a two and a half hour bumpy train ride to go to Portland for only about 24 hours and then having to come back did not sound particularly fun. So my super cool parents took the drive down here to see me! They took me out for the whole day and I had a mini vacation right here in my own town. 

I wore my PartyCart shirt which I think is the cutest thing ever. I love the color, I love the bunny, and it's the softest shirt. My parents took me out shopping and I got some awesome sandals, which are very comfortable and easy to bike in. I'm not a huge shoe girl. I'm not obsessed with them. They don't make me weak in the knees. I only really own four pairs of shoes, and these sandals make it five. While we were out I also got a new pair of jeans. In the last few months I made the change from being a vegetarian who eats pasta and peanut butter sandwiches to a vegetarian that actually eats vegetables for every meal. In addition to rock climbing, dance, and biking ten million miles a day, I have lost a fair amount of weight and dropped one to two pant sizes. Now I have a new pair of jeans, that I can wear without a belt and they won't fall down, and I am very pleased.  

The day with my parents was just what I needed. It was good to get out. It was good to have them drive me around and get to places that I can't bike to. Unfortunately all days have to end and then they were gone. Paul's been on his own vacation to see family in Portland, so I've been pretty lonely around here. I've been doing as much housework as my body can take, but I still get tired and sore really easily. The house also doesn't have air conditioning and it gets crazy hot inside, which makes me feel like I always have a fever. But things are getting better. I have found ways to entertain myself.

Last night at the PartyCart they had their first movie night. They set up a screen in front of the cart and projected an old 1950's movie called DOA. They also obviously had some pretty delicious food. There was a salad with pickled sea beans topped with homemade yogurt ranch. Then there was polenta with roasted cherry tomatoes. And then there were zucchini slices fried in pesto on the side. The food is too good. I am fed so well.

Since I've had so many days to myself lately, I've had to find ways to entertain myself that aren't too strenuous. So I've been sitting down, watching Twin Peaks on Netflix, and embroidering the back pockets of my pants like a crazy old lady. I really don't know how to embroider. I don't know any of the fancy stitches, but I can put thread through a needle and make little lines, so that's what I've been doing. I'm pretty pleased with the back of my yellow corduroys; they are so much more fun looking now. I also received the earrings I ordered from Dinosaur Toes today in the mail. They are so lovely. I love how geometric and unique they are, and they aren't too frilly, which is a good thing for me. Paul should be home by tonight and I'm so excited. He's been gone since early Thursday morning. He came back briefly on Friday night, but then left for Portland again on Saturday morning. But now it's Tuesday and he should be home within the next day or so, and that makes me a happy lady.


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  1. It was so much fun seeing you last Sunday !