Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer Days

Paul and I have had a good couple of days, although not particularly eventful. We went to the park and read books in the sun for a few hours. I smiled like a crazy person and Paul made faces at me. I read another book about Julia Child because I'm obsessed with her. I sat on an orca blanket. We stayed a long time, but it was way too hot and the shade we found under the tree continued receding until it put us right against the curb. Then it was time to go.

We stumbled upon this beautiful little poppy garden in front of the plainest looking house on the block. It's so fun to explore the neighborhoods around us. It's nice to be surrounded by real houses with real people in them. Not that college students aren't real people, but now that it's summer, it's refreshing to have conversations with people who live here and have no association with the university. 

I'm the kind of person that needs to be constantly creating. It used to just be drawing and painting all the time, sometimes ten or twelve hours straight where I would just sit down criss-cross on the floor and paint. But this past year, getting my Creative Writing minor and being in the year long poetry seminar, poetry became my new vice. I just ate it up. Words had such a power to move me, but I forgot about making things with my hands a little bit. Today I really needed to spend some time with a pencil in my hand, so I drew a sugar beet. When I was at a cafe for breakfast before work this morning, I saw a lady with these beautiful tattoos of carrots, one on the top of each thigh. All day I was thinking about how nice the shading was and how much I loved vegetables. So I got home and drew a sugar beet, and now I feel good. Paul found this dragonfly on the side of the road yesterday. It was barely moving and ended up dying last night. It's so beautiful though. The wings are delicate and golden and the body is the brightest blue and green. I figure now that it's dead, there's no harm done if I pin it and put it in a shadow box. That's my newest creepy art project.

And finally, we've been eating really well. Tonight Paul cooked up brown rice with dahl and sprinkled cilantro fresh from our garden on top. Paul cooks really nice food and I'm lucky to have him. I love to cook too, but that's normally his job. He comes up with the best stew recipes from scratch. We've been eating so fresh lately, and in the heat of summer, that feels pretty good. Speaking of summer, I have acquired some freckles and awkward tan lines. I try to wear a variety of things so that maybe someday all of my tan lines will mesh and maybe I will just be tan. It's not looking too good though, I have a farmer's tan and some seriously weird patterns on my feet from my three different shoes. I'm not sure how well summer suits me, but I'm having fun so far.

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