Monday, July 23, 2012

Pizza Research

Eugene is home to plenty of interesting places to eat. Among them are several different funky pizza places, three in particular that the city has kind of deemed the coolest/most original/etc. Paul and I love pizza and I realized recently that we haven't been to any of those three places, Mezza Luna, Cozmic Pizza, or Pizza Research Institute.

Paul and I decided to change that and take ourselves out to dinner. Pizza Research Institute sounded the most intriguing to us based on the strangeness of their menu. I am not interested in pizza with normal toppings, even if it's tasty. If I'm going out, I want to be wowed. It was a beautiful day out, so when Paul got home from work we went out to dinner!

Paul even dressed up for our date! Well, dressing up by Paul's standards means wearing something other than a t-shirt, but after some begging he wore this nice cowboy button up and we called it a date. While we were taking pictures outside, which always embarrasses me a little anyways, a guy saw us and laughed a little and said hi. I got really embarrassed and ran inside the restaurant. Five seconds later the same guy comes inside, now wearing an apron and then introduced himself as our server. I'm glad I got the pictures though, at least to document Paul's dressing up, so I guess it was worth it.

In terms of weirdness, the pizza absolutely did not disappoint. What I wasn't quite expecting was to get something so delicious. I knew it would be fun and quirky but it was legitimately the best pizza I've ever had. It had the normal tomato sauce and cheese, but then it was slathered in pesto and had roasted potatoes and pears on top. Yes, real pears all soft and sweet hanging out with pesto and potatoes like they were best friends. It was amazing. Another fun thing was the plates. I don't think there were two in the entire restaurant that matched. The restaurant was in a big modern warehouse setting so the whimsical plates, each one unique, was certainly a nice surprise.

There was a small room in the front of the restaurant filled with board games that we were encouraged to choose from. We chose one of those nerdy ones where you build cities and empires and stuff like that. We built Thebes and Sparta, right from the ground. Paul won, because he got his temple completed first, or something. We were exactly sure what we were doing but it was very fun. It was also very windy, and all of our little buildings and cards kept flying off the table. At one point I attempted to block them from flying away with my hand, which I forgot was holding a glass of water. I of course then spilled the water everywhere all over the table, so Paul and I got a big laugh out of that one.

I was so full by the end of dinner that I actually had to give Paul the crust of my last piece, which is really saying something because the crust is my favorite part of pizza. But Paul somehow still convinced me that we needed dessert. His argument was mainly based on the fact that I can't pass on treats, a really cool bakery was only three blocks away, this was date night, and we might as well. It was pretty convincing. So we were off to Sweet Life, where they have this awesome dumpster.

After some careful deliberation we decided on pistachio rum cake with cream cheese filling and a nice cup of black coffee. Even though it made me extremely full, it was a perfect end to the date. I love coffee with dessert. I love coffee in general. I don't drink it in the mornings and I don't drink it for the caffeine, I just really love the taste of super black coffee. We biked home and started watching Firefly on Netflix. I know it has a big cult following, and so far it's pretty great. This weekend we're going to Faerieworlds, a big hippie festival at Mt. Pisgah. It's as if Renaissance fairs and New Age raves had a giant festival baby. My dad is going, so Paul and I get to hang out with him, but Red Wagon will also be catering there, so I will get to work too! At its best it should be tons of fun and at its worst it will at least be interesting, so we're excited. It'll be like a giant three day camping out festival date on a mountain, and I don't say no to dates like that.   

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