Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Farmer Dreams

Sometimes I have days where I know right from the beginning that it's going to be the best day. Today was one of those days. Paul and I got up bright and early to go to the Tuesday farmer's market. Well, I considered it pretty early, but apparently Paul was up at 7am poking me in the arm, waiting to start the day. Sleeping Noelle knows what's good for her and didn't wake up for a whole half an hour after those shenanigans. The market was sunny and green and the perfect day for an outfit that made me feel like a sailor, which is never a bad thing.

Paul tried to leave the house wearing our grocery bag on his head. He does this sometimes, seeing how much he can get away with before I admit he's embarrassing. It often involves putting things on his head, singing loudly in public, or lifting up his shirt and dancing. Today is was things on his head. Good thing I still like him. Since we were at the market, we had to get ice cream, and what's better than Little Almond Annie? Nothing. I've determined it's beaten the smokey salty caramel ice cream as my favorite thing to eat in the world. Almonds, cherries, oranges: it's summer in a bowl.

I also found three more light boxes today which I think brings me to seven that I've found out of twenty four. I really think this project was cool and it makes me sad to see that already people have done graffiti on top the boxes. I've seen it on three boxes now, just scribbles with a sharpie. I guess that's part of being in downtown Eugene, there are some crazy people afoot.

The best part of today was a little adventure out to a local farm to pick our own cherries! The old ladies running the farm got a hoot out of Paul and I riding our bikes down their gravel path to the orchards. But bikers have to do what bikers have to do. We stopped along the path to take a picture by the peach trees. They were so beautiful and fuzzy and I've never seen a peach tree in real life before. The trees were very short, and I don't know if that's just an Oregon thing, but they were adorable. 

Then we got to pick cherries. And it was the most fun. I got to climb ladders, eat cherries straight from the tree, and get dirt all over my sandals. Also cherries are so cheap! When you pick them yourself it's either $1.25 or $1.75 per pound depending on the kind you get. A pound of cherries fills a gigantic tupperware, so we are set for a while and only down three dollars. 

The awesome thing about the farm we went to, called Me & Moore, is that it's right by Mt. Pisgah. There were seriously beautiful views all around. I, of course, had to go and ruin all the beauty with my attempts at being funny. Luckily Paul finds me amusing because cherries as eyes was very funny to me and we had to try this picture several times before the cherries would stay put.

Finally, Paul and I precariously balanced my camera in a tree and took some pictures jumping around in the orchard. We finally biked and bused ourselves back home, and the weather suddenly turned stormy. It was very strange. First it was so sunny that I had to constantly squint and then I had to bike against the wind and there were ominous clouds. Well, now it's sunny again, so that's Eugene for you. Paul and I ate the most delicious dinner ever of roasted garlic and yellow cauliflower with quinoa and homemade peanut sauce. I can't get enough of summer cooking. And now that we have ten million cherries, I guess I have to make cherry cobbler. It's cherries for days around here, just reaffirming our dreams to have a little land and eat well all the time.

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  1. Sounds like an amazing day! Those light boxes are really cool - I've enjoyed seeing the ones you've spotted. We've started exploring the farmer's market here, and I'm so excited at the variety they have!

    Also, I've been wanting to experiment with quinoa - and since your and Paul's cooking endeavors always inspire me...do you have any quinoa recipe suggestions?