Monday, July 30, 2012


The last three days, my dad, Paul, and I have been camping at Faerieworlds. It's this big festival in Eugene every year that has food, music, costumes, and lots of vendors selling medieval/magical/steampunk things. It was described by one of the performers onstage as "all the good parts of a Renaissance fair but with more glitter and less testosterone." It was open Friday through Sunday, and while many people just went for one day, we camped out on site and spent all three days there. My dad loves this event and goes every year, but I went because Red Wagon was one of the vendors and I got to work all weekend.

Although we were open around 11 hours a day, which was insane, we did well, tried several new flavors, and sold out of just about everything. We even got to test run this new trike. The trike I used to use at the park was quite small and only had the ability to carry popsicles, but this one, in addition to being larger, has the mechanisms to actually scoop ice cream. I worked a lot this weekend and have really sore feet, but it was fun.

I worked all day the first day, but on the second day, Paul and I had some time to explore a little bit. I really liked the camping area. My dad has this 1970's canvas pyramid tent with this fancy awning he made himself. It got unbearably hot this weekend, so Paul and I spent quite a bit of time the second day napping and resting in the shade. 

Faerieworlds just so happened to be at Mt. Pisgah, so on the third day, Paul and I spent the morning exploring. Since he works at Mt. Pisgah, he showed me all around and we had the greatest time looking for frogs. I was expecting croaky frogs the size of your hand, but we found so many of these tiny ones instead. They were very fast and spry, but we did get a hold of a couple though, much to my delight. 

Then we found the mother load: a log with all the frogs. They all eventually hopped away so Paul and I went back to the fair, and back to work.

On our off time, we set up camp with a picnic blanket by the main stage. They had music all day long, lots of Celtic bands singing about fairies and goblins and the like. It was fun. People got really into this festival. Most people were in costumes. The costumes ranged from very elaborate to very naked. There were lots of dreadlocks and body paint and bagpipes and wings. It wasn't necessarily something I would have chosen to go to on my own, but since I was working and got to take a mini camping trip with Paul and my dad, it was a fun experience. 

Overall it was good. It was fun to stay in a tent. It was fun to listen to music. I'm glad Red Wagon sold so well and it was a pretty crazy weekend. On the last night, Donovan played as the headlining act for the whole festival. I fell asleep before he played Season of the Witch though; I was zonked out from ice cream work all day. When Faerieworlds calls, sometimes you have to answer, but I'm fairly happy to be back at home, without festival food, without Porta Potties, with the internet, and in my own bed.

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  1. It was great to spend the weekend with you and Paul !