Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dates and Paint

Paul and I love to eat, but we don't eat out much because I'm cheap, or as I like to say, frugal. We eat at the PartyCart a lot, but it has terrific food, it's not very expensive, and I love it there. Plus I work next door at Red Wagon (well in the next parking space over, because we are both food trucks in a parking lot) all the time so it makes sense to eat there. We've tried a few other restaurants, but the only other one we ever went to consistently was Barry's, the Jewish deli, and that was mainly during school for snacks and we didn't always go together. What I'm trying to say is that Paul and I would love to go on food dates to new places more often. So this morning we did just that. We tried out a vegan cafe that we pass all the time downtown. We got corn fritters, biscuits, and French toast. It was great. I haven't been on such a nice breakfast date probably ever! It was a little rushed in order to get to work on time, but nonetheless, great.

After I some time drawing the other day, I have been craving more creative time. I wasn't sure what to do, and it's at times like that where I normally go do something crazy, like paint over a painting I had liked just to have a blank canvas. I wanted to do something little to make sure that any painting talent I had didn't just disappear on me. I found two 6x2 inch pieces of walnut wood left over from a Valentines Days present Paul made me two years ago (he made a treasure chest from scratch). I stuck the small pieces together, decided it was a good enough canvas, and started to paint. It was a perfect little project, and while it's not some masterpiece, it did make me happy to be making things again. I put a nice shiny coat on top after it dried and now I have a little tiny lady on some shiny walnut wood. She's got blue lips and flowers in her hair, and that's just fine with me.


  1. mmm, that makes me want some french toast! and your painting is great. i love how it looks on the wood.

  2. Corn fritters...amazing. All of your breakfast sounds amazing. Food dates to new places are so fun. We haven't been on many lately but hopefully we will for our one year anniversary soon!

    I like your painting a lot. For some reason I really like that it's two pieces of wood together - I'm liking the line down the middle. And I love the simplicity of the flowers.