Saturday, July 14, 2012

Colorful Days

It may only be the evening, but I'm pooped already. Today was a good, long day. Paul and I woke up early to go to the farmer's market. I wore my new sandals, which I've finally broken in. I also wore my new jeans which make me feel tall and lean. It's so nice, after eating so good recently, to see some pounds go away and buy new, smaller jeans as a reward. I posed by my favorite wall and Paul got lost behind a large pot of flowers. I'm glad I got this picture of him, because about four seconds before I took it, there was a guy wearing a cardboard box as a shirt walking around behind Paul and giving us funny looks. Oh Eugene. Only here will cardboard men look at us, a young couple in jeans going to the market, and think we're the strange ones.

At the market, I went crazy for all the colors. It's insane to me that vegetables can be so beautiful. Actually, it's not that crazy; I love vegetables. It's already hard for me not to be too preachy about the benefits of locally sourced organic food, but when it's as beautiful as this, I'm really having to bite my tongue. We got bright yellow cauliflower and purple potatoes that look like the sky. You can't beat that at all.

To me, the market means ice cream, so Paul and I had to try the newest Red Wagon flavor. It's olive oil ice cream with a strawberry basil jam running through it. It's fruity and sweet and ridiculous. Paul and I are so lucky. We also found another of the twenty four Our Streets light boxes, which is fun. After the market, I worked for Red Wagon by taking the ice cream tricycle out to a putt putt golf place. I spent yesterday evening in the kitchen dipping everything into chocolate and packing it up. It was so fun to sell someone a chocolate dipped ice cream bar made with local and organic ingredients, from scratch, dipped and packaged by yours truly, and to tell them that this was an ice cream bar I made the night before. The only problem was the sun. My beautiful new jeans did not like the almost ninety degree weather and my legs were crying a little bit and now that I am home, it is pajama shorts for the rest of the day. Paul and I are eating dahl again and will go watch some more Netflix. Life is good.

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