Thursday, July 5, 2012

Accordion Karaoke

Today was a great day. I sold popsicles out of the tricycle this afternoon at a park and sold out of pretty much every single thing. That's always a good feeling. Then I came home for a couple hours of rest and then got to work at the PartyCart where Red Wagon was set up. They're there on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, but on Thursdays there is live music. Today it was a lady who called herself Queen Accordiona and she played the accordion. She provided accompaniment to anyone willing to sing karaoke with her. It was fairly hysterical. Several songs were butchered.

The bike ride from our house to the PartyCart is turning into one of my favorite rides. It's a little over two miles each way and it goes through a bike path and then a really adorable neighborhood. Paul and I decided to show off how strong we are. I am fairly strong. My arms are weak though. Also my bike is a little heavy and I couldn't get her over my head. Paul's bike, however, is very light in combination with the fact that Paul is very strong. He kept trying to give me pointers, but at that point, nothing was going over my head.

We had a lovely evening and the best dinner in the whole world. From the PartyCart we had a grilled cheese with curry butter, cheddar, roasted cherry tomatoes literally spilling out, and a fried egg all between a homemade brioche bun. Also there was potato salad which was just perfect. For desert Paul and I split the two newest Red Wagon flavors. One is called Little Almond Annie which is orange ice cream made with real oranges, cherries, and roasted almonds. The little frozen chunks of orange in that were crazy good. The other flavor was Cherry IPA. So pretty much dark cherries and beer, and the guy who brewed the beer that was used was actually eating at the PartyCart at the time and got to try his honorary ice cream for the first time and he called it genius. That's what I like: genius things, like accordion karaoke, curry butter grilled cheese, and handmade ice cream.   

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  1. oooo curry butter! i've never heard of that! sounds awesome.