Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Scooping Ice Cream

It was beautiful outside today. There was lots of sun, a little bit of breeze, and no rain. I took this opportunity to wear my shirt that makes me feel like an owl princess. I also wore my yellow corduroys which make me feel pretty awesome. It's good because today was awesome. I got to read my poems at a reading, I put together a zine, and I ate a skillet cookie and turnips (separately, not together) for lunch.

Today was also fun because I got to work at the Red Wagon food cart for a couple of hours! I got to actually scoop ice cream for the first time and I used muscles I didn't even know I had. Meeting all of the regular customers was a blast and I made lots of money in tips and I got to sample everything! It was seriously the most fun thing ever. I told that to Stuart, the husband of the Red Wagon husband and wife team, and he says that I'm still young and will have much better times. This was the best though. Talking with people, making money, scooping handcrafted local artisan ice cream, and working outside. I can't ask for anything more.


  1. I love that you get to work at your favorite place - an ice cream cart, nonetheless!! I really just adore you and your blog. I love reading about your adventures.

    Also - I ordered some fabric the other day, and when it arrived I saw it was shipped from Eugene! Totally thought of you!

    1. You're awesome! Ice cream is fun and the fact that I get free ice cream on my shifts doesn't hurt either. This weekend I get to help them out at their booth in the farmer's market. They generally sustain lines of at least 20 people at a time, so it should be busy and fun!