Sunday, June 24, 2012


I thought I'd start out this post with a picture from when Paul and I graduated high school. I'm graduating college next year, and everything is moving by so fast, because this didn't feel like that long ago. This was before Paul and I had been to Eugene, before we lived together, before we had even spent a summer together! Now we're real life adults paying real life bills and getting hit by real life cars. 

That was a fairly dramatic turn, but here I am today. I have bruises pretty much all over both of my legs, but especially on my knees. The pictures don't do their intense colors justice, and the bruises get bigger and darker every few hours. I also have these real nice scrape going up my entire left calf which I am pretty sure is from the license plate of the car. I have bruises on my hips and elbows too, so I'm feeling pretty banged up. I've spent the last two days cooped up inside and not doing much. Every time the medicine starts to kick in and I feel a little better, I try to get up and do stuff, but that of course pushes me back over the edge and I feel like a big pile of poop again. I'm in good spirits though. Paul made me pie last night and I've been knitting a lot.

One of the projects I tackled while feeling "good" today was the bathroom. It's a nice cheery blue color and it has an awesome claw foot bathtub. The silly fish curtain cost less than two dollars at a five and dime store near by and I believe it was the first item Paul and I officially bought when we knew we got our house. It is cheap and a little tacky but I love it. Underneath our window is the sink. To the right is the mirror cabinet, but it didn't come with anything underneath it, no vanity or anything. So Paul and I put this funny little table there to hold my makeup and things. It was not very pretty and difficult to keep clean. Today I walked to the local fabric store, which is thankfully less than a block from my house, and bought this laminated canvas fabric in a rain drop pattern. I got home and stapled it over the edges of the table. Now the table is pretty adorable, colorful, and much easier to clean! I finished making the table, put my stuff on it, and ran back to bed, thoroughly exhausted. I am spending the rest of the day there and no one can stop me. 

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