Sunday, June 17, 2012


Today has been awesome. Paul and I are finally done with school. Finals week was a living nightmare and full of untimely procrastination, being grumpy, and not having time to eat good food. Today we're done with all of that though! Paul and I went to PartyCart, the cutest food cart ever. They have super organic and local food that's extremely creative. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays Red Wagon is there also, but today we just went for the food.

Instead of macaroni and cheese, they have wheatberries and cheese. Wheatberries are kind of like barley. They're a round grain with the texture of a corn kernel and tapioca pearl mixed together. They're grown locally and they're not processed like pasta. So PartyCart cooks them up in a delicious cheese sauce and then puts a fried duck egg on top. It's crazy good. It's so good we had two servings. Another fun thing PartyCart does is support other local businesses. Indie Pop Soda is a Eugene company making organic artisan soda. So instead of using flavor concentrates, they use crushed blackberries and other real foods to make soda. This was vanilla cola and it was the tastiest thing. 

The PartyCart is run by Mark and Tiffany, an awesome young couple who love good food. They remembered Paul and I from when we worked at Red Wagon in the same parking lot a couple of weeks ago. Then we sat down to the long picnic bench in front of the cart. There we met another couple who own a local microbrewery and a professor from UO who is trying to start a food studies program. What a great bunch of people to eat lunch with! We talked about local farms and what we can do to teach students about the growing food problems facing our country. It's an issue I'm extremely passionate about and it was so nice to sit down with people who feel the same way. Sometimes it's hard in college because a lot of people either don't know certain problems, or, if they do, they don't want to discuss it for fear of appearing too intense or hippie-dippie. But I don't care, I love local organic food and I'll shout it to the whole world!

 Paul and I are planning camping trips, signing up for yoga classes, and working! I'll be with Red Wagon and he's going to be a summer camp counselor at the local arboretum at Mt. Pisgah. My dad is coming to Eugene to visit next month and I am so excited. He is the biggest fan of my blog and is desperate to try some of the food places I've blogged about! I'm going to obviously take him to Red Wagon and then I'm trying to think which other restaurants out of my five favorites I could take him to in one day. It might just turn into a food marathon, but I don't have any problem with that!


  1. I can't wait to see you in July !

  2. what a cool food truck! i want the sada! and the wheat berries and cheese (maybe) i can't decide if that sounds good to me, or terrible!

    1. Ooh it was so tasty! It was just like mac and cheese but with a nice grain rather than pasta. I could eat a thousand helpings! That soda was so delicious also, it had a nice lemon aftertaste.