Saturday, June 2, 2012

Park Day

Today was full of fun. Paul and I went to the farmer's market like normal and finally went early enough to get some strawberries! Then we got a call from our friends Muhammad and Leanne to go on an adventure. The final destination was supposed to be an arcade but we took a little pit stop at a local park. It had a teeter totter and one of those spinning carousal things which are both things that I always saw in movies growing up but never experienced in real life until today. As the pictures show, I had way too much fun.

I generally expect self timer pictures to be bad because I can never get the right angle on anything. So when I stuck my camera near a tree somewhat in the vicinity of the teeter totter, I didn't have high hopes. Fortunately I got a good picture out of it, other than Muhammad making a weird face (but he tends to do that)!  

I love these pictures of Paul because he looks like a giant weirdo standing still in the middle of the carousal. He was actually spinning pretty fast, but I caught him in action. Now he just looks like a weirdo doing the YMCA and yelling "Hello world!"

I got in on the weirdo action on the carousal and did some of my acrobat tricks. I couldn't spend too much time on this though; I get dizzy so easily! One time when I was little at Six Flags in Ohio, I actually had to have them stop the tea cups ride in the middle of the ride because I couldn't take it. I'm a big wimp when it comes to spinning. Things like heights are no big deal to me, just don't make me spin.

It was a super fun day and way sunnier than the weather people predicted. We did finally make it to the arcade where I got the high score on Ms. Pacman in only one try. I really wanted to take pictures of the arcade, Blair Alley Vintage Arcade, but my camera died on me. Outside of the arcade was the Red Five Hotdog Company food cart. Yesterday when I worked the Red Wagon Creamery stand at a soccer game, the other food cart there was Red Five. Unfortunately for me it rained the whole game so it wasn't exactly ice cream weather. But the rain meant it was definitely hot dog weather because it was the only thing at the whole game that was warm. I spent the whole four hour game watching him sell hot dog after hot dog and listing off his stock of twenty condiments! I tracked down where the cart would be today and I had to try it! Paul and I each got a veggie dog with honey mustard, mayo, BBQ sauce, tomato relish, cheddar cheese, and onions. It was tasty and perfect fuel for Ms. Pacman. Eugene has been really good to Paul and I lately. 

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