Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ice Trike

Today was my second day as the trike girl for Red Wagon Creamery, but it was my first actually successful day. I spent all of yesterday freaking out and not knowing where to stop and pretty much just continued to bike non stop all day. It wasn't good. I was in weird neighborhoods with no people and didn't realize that what I needed to do was find one or two places throughout today and just stop there for a couple of hours. After probably over ten miles of biking senselessly I finally pushed the trike up the hill to a beautiful park by the river with a play structure on Skinner's Butte. That's where I decided to spend most of my day today. Paul came with me and we stopped early to play in this Day of the Dead looking whale sculpture thing.

About ten feet away from the head is what I'm guessing is its tail. It's a strange whale. It's blue, first of all. And it has two holes in its tail. Paul took that opportunity to pop out of the holes. He's a fun guy to keep around. He doesn't start his job as a camp counselor until next week, so today he followed me around and chatted with me so I wouldn't be nervous or lonely on my first real day.

What I didn't realize yesterday was that although it was fairly cloudy and windy, you can still totally get a sunburn. I got a sunburn. It's pretty much just on my arms, and this picture doesn't do it justice. I am a  legitimate tomato right now. There's a nice little white line across my wrist where I had a bracelet on. It's a good look. I also recently bought a new pair of jeans, cut them into shorts, and painted hearts on the bum. Nothing makes me happier than turning boring pants into hearts on the bum shorts.

Then Stuart came to meet Paul and I at the park and we set up the trike, which Stuart has named Trikey. He's a beauty, especially now that we have those nice hand painted signs on the side. I set it up in front of the park and everyone came to buy ice cream! It was such a thrill to tell them that this was handcrafted ice cream, made with local ingredients, a lot of which are organic. The parents sure liked that anyways, the kids were in it for the treats. And I did good! I sold out of every single thing other than one flavor of popsicle. So that's ten different variations of treats, and by the end I only had one kind left. That's a good day in my book.

These are the awesome popsicle flavors I had. From left to right, it's Creamsicle (sweet cream ice cream with an orange jello tip), Pippi Longpoppings (strawberries, rhubarb, and carrots all blended together), Sugar Mama Mojito (lime juice, brown sugar, mint, and tequila with all the alcohol cooked off), and my personal favorite Cucumber and Juniper (cucumbers, lemon, and gin with all the alcohol cooked off). 

We had other things too of course. One of my favorites is the Wagon Bar. It's our awesome ice cream, vanilla or chocolate, but seriously you can't beat the chocolate, dipped in thick organic chocolate. This is tasty stuff. Paul bought one of these as soon as we got the cart set up. He's my number one customer.

All in all it was a wonderful beautiful day. I sold way more than I expected. I had a great time. Red Wagon is really well known around Eugene so parents were pretty psyched to see me at the park. I got to talk to people. I was in a park on top of Skinner's Butte overlooking the beautiful Willamette River. You can't beat that. I have a day off tomorrow because it is supposed to rain, so Paul and I might see a movie, have ice cream withdrawals, and I will get ready for my next day of work on Tuesday. I am living the dream. 


  1. You are the cutest! Do you know, by any chance, what type of popsicle mold they're using to make the pops you show lined up? I am in the market and not sure what to buy :) xoxoxoxoxoxo

    1. Yeah! It's awesome actually, they're just Dixie cups! We put the juice in, wait for it to freeze halfway, put a stick in and then let them completely freeze. Once they're frozen you make one cut down the cup with a box cutter and peel the cup away. I've unwrapped several hundred of them by now, and it's super easy!

  2. I'm so happy for you Sweetie !!! You look like you're having so much fun !
    (but please remember to put on sunscreen everywhere, every day)

    1. I've learned my lesson! I'm a little pink in just a few places. Paul and I even brought the sunscreen with us and continued to reapply throughout the day, but there were just a few places we missed like the back of my knees and my elbow area.