Monday, June 25, 2012

Film Squares

For my birthday last year my Auntie Robin and Uncle Kirk gave me this nifty 1970's film camera that shoots four photos really fast and puts them into little squares. After about 16 months, we finally shot all the film! It was developed and Paul picked it up today. A lot of the pictures didn't turn out and the ones that did are funny and blurry but it was so fun. There are some keepers there. I went into the computer and put some squares together from separate pictures because for some reason the camera only liked to take three out of the four squares, leaving one blank and white.

I was feeling really bad and dizzy today and I think my body is actually realizing that it got slammed by a car. Paul was gone all day at his first day of summer camp, so him coming home with pictures was such a nice surprise. Another nice surprise was a care package in the mail from my mama, papa, and little sister. I got Julia Child's memoir, some lip balm, lots of chocolate bars, and tooth brushes! The tooth brushes are because my mama is a coupon queen and gets all sorts of bathroom stuff for free or for less than twenty five cents, so Paul and I haven't had to buy shampoo, tooth brushes, or anything like that for a year. She's awesome. These pictures are awesome too. I thought I would share them, because they made my day a little brighter.

This last picture is a good mash-up. This was me at the beach, two Februaries ago, in one of the first pictures we took with this camera. And this is the last picture we took, at the Party Cart last week. Neither original picture had all four squares, so I thought these two would be fun to copy and paste together. Today I ate chocolate bars from my care package and a few snap peas to make up for the chocolate. I'm glad Paul is home, and he is cooking me soup which is my favorite thing he makes. Slowly but surely I'm feeling better, so as long as the rain stops (seriously Eugene, it's the end of June) I'm doing good.  

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