Friday, June 8, 2012

Eating is Good

It's no secret that Paul and I spend most of our free time thinking about food. We've been eating really well lately: homemade soups, farmer's market vegetables, no gross processed foods. We love Barry's the local Jewish deli that makes fantastic quiche and soup. We love Red Wagon which makes the best local artisan ice cream. We occasionally indulge in Voodoo Doughnuts. But other than those places we make everything from scratch and everything is fresh, local, and organic. I feel really lucky to be able to make those choices for my body and Paul and I just signed up for yoga all summer to keep everything in tip top shape. Today we made our favorite wild rice and black eyed pea stew. It's really simple and you can pretty much throw anything you want in it. Paul and I took a nice bike ride today to get bagels from the Humble Bagel. Their bagels are mighty fine and this yellow cheese and herb one is so cute. We had to get their herb cream cheese to go with it, and it's almost too tasty.

Just in case we were getting too healthy over here, I made some cupcakes. They don't feel super indulgent though because they're like whole grain muffins with a browned butter glaze on top. The browned butter is so nutty and lovely, but tricky to make. You can only brown it for so long on the stove! I burned the first batch, but I tried again and now you can see the little brown flecks in the glaze and it's delicious. Next week is final's week and then I'm done with school until September. It's going to be so nice to wake up early, go to yoga, go to work selling ice cream on a trike, and come home to re-watch Downton Abbey for the thousandth time. That's my plan, at least. 

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