Friday, June 22, 2012

Car Accidents and Farm Animals

Today the worst thing happened to me while I was on my bike. I was slammed into by a car. A lady was turning out of an alley and onto the street, where the traffic was all going one way. I was unfortunately riding the other way on the sidewalk and, as she did not look both ways, she hit me full on, the front of her car crashing into the entire profile of my bike and I. It was very very scary. I was thrown forward a little and crashed my ribs into my handlebar, and then fell on my right side because of the impact. The whole reason I was biking in the first place was to see the goat and sheep convention going on at the events center! They were selling lots of yarn and having goat showing competitions. I wasn't going to let a car crash stop me, so I walked my banged up bike the rest of the way to see the animals. Also I was still in shock, so I wasn't yet in pain, which was perfect, because I needed to pet some soft furry things after that ordeal.

Some goats ignored me, some were scared of me, but some came right up to the gates and just stared at me with big, wide, beautiful blue eyes. I was in animal heaven. It was just what I needed. Paul and I were just oohing and awing over every single creature there. It was wonderful. We even saw a classmate there with his little flock of sheep and he let me in to play with the three month old babies! They were a little skittish since they had just been weaned off their mothers two days ago, but the little white buck Pascal let me pet him for a while.

When I got home I realized I probably wasn't okay. My bruises were getting darker by the minute, and my ribs where I crashed into my handlebars were making it hard to breathe. I went to the ER to see what they could do. They first did x-rays because they thought my rib might be fractured. It wasn't. The doctors pressed all around my ribs to see where it was hurting, and it wasn't actually the bones that were sore, it was my belly that they accessed by pushing up under my ribs. That was killer. Unfortunately, that's also where my liver is, and they thought it was a good possibility my liver might have been punctured, causing internal bleeding. They ran some blood tests, pumped me full of narcotics, and gave me a CT scan. Four hours later, I learned that I was not dying! I am just very very very bruised all over. I have instructions to sit at home and pretty much not move at all. It was a terrifying day, but it was also pretty good. The hospital staff was extremely nice and I got a cheesy pesto calzone once I learned I wasn't going to have surgery. I am still alive and kicking, I will just be kicking some bruised legs from now on, but all is well.


  1. ah! so glad you're okay after that. i can't imagine how scary that must have been. cute, white fuzzy animals are exactly what you needed after that.

  2. They were the perfect way to get through the shock. I wasn't hurting barely at all until I got home, away from all those beautiful little things!