Sunday, May 20, 2012

Summer Stress

After my bad day on Wednesday, my poetry friends Roxanne (black shirt) and Lauren (purple dress), and my awesome teacher Jenna (long red hair) came over on Thursday to eat dinner and desert and to do some crafts. It really lifted my spirits! But then early Friday morning I was off to Portland by myself to see family! It was a great weekend, I got to see my doggies, and my mom and I did all sorts of shopping.

But then things got a little stressful. Paul called and we had to make some hard decisions over the phone. It's all about what our summer jobs are, if we're going to need to live in Portland or Eugene, if we're even going to be in the same cities, and all sorts of other big stuff that would be easier to talk about face to face. But we finally figured it out. Paul already has a great job here in Eugene so I will stay here with him and find a quick summer job because I have a great job during the school year. Paul picked me up at the train station today and it's good to be back in Eugene. I was greeted with Voodoo Doughnuts and this nifty train bench.

Behind the bench was this funny mural painted on very bumpy bricks. The new age/earth goddess movement is very big here in Eugene, which kind of cracks me up. So I guess this mural is mother earth being pregnant in the mountains, which, of course, is the best place to be pregnant. And after all this beautiful weather we've been having it's supposed to rain for the next ten days. I am so sad about it. I may just curl up in bed until it's summer time. We'll see if I make it. 

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