Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Speedy Weeks

Life is going by like crazy these days. I took these pictures over the weekend and meant to share and now all of a sudden it's Tuesday night, which means tomorrow's Wednesday, which means the week is practically over already! While it may appear dramatic, days are getting real speedy and I only have about three more weeks of school. Over the weekend Paul and I made purple barley (which is sadly just kind of brown in real life) and topped it with roasted turnips, potatoes, garlic, and a fried egg. This is crazy delicious stuff, but anything with garlic and eggs is going to be good. Also Paul took this crazy picture of me trying to look like this creepy mural outside a bookstore. 

Today was good because it was warm and I ate a cupcake. It was actually so warm that my long sleeved shirt and colored jeans were a little stifling. Paul took this picture of me before eight in the morning and it was already crazy sunny and bright! I never thought I'd see the day where I could ride my bike without a jacket but it's happening! Barry's, aka my favorite Jewish deli in the world, had cupcakes today as a special treat, which complimented my sunshine happiness, so of course I tried one and of course it was awesome. I'm normally not a girl who goes for vanilla on vanilla, but this wasn't sickeningly sweet. It was fluffy and creamy, just what a cupcake should be. 

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