Monday, May 21, 2012

Plants and Cookies

Sometimes cookies fix problems. It was a long weekend filled with some stressful bits and then the weather got all cold and wet and nasty so this morning, Paul and I woke up and made snickerdoodles. They're maple snickerdoodles and they're delicious. I love salty and sweet all mixed together and these guys do the trick. Although it didn't use many ingredients, I probably got 40 small cookies out of one batch, so it'll be cookies for days around here.

The best part about the maple syrup in this recipe is how it makes a gooey, toffee-like center. It's perfect. I'm not even the hugest snickerdoodle fan, but Paul loves them and we were out of chocolate chips so it was a cinnamon cookie morning. I brought them into my poetry class today to cheer everybody up from the torrential downpour outside. Cookies work magic like that.

Although I may not be the biggest fan of rain, our little rooftop garden is. In our room, Paul and I have these two windows that are at knee level and go out onto these roof platforms that are about five square feet. Although our landlord said we couldn't put furniture on them, there was nothing in our contract about plants! We have a little basil plant that I named Julia Child, a tomato plant that is growing like crazy, and some cauliflower sprouts that we may have accidentally killed. But that's okay because we have plenty of extra seeds and I fully intend to spend my summer eating things I grew myself. It may be a tiny little urban farm, but it's the start of something that we'll be able to keep going all summer.


  1. We have a garden for the first time this year and I agree now when it rains I think hurray. I don't have to water the garden!


  2. It's pretty nice not to have to worry about watering, but unfortunately it's been typical Oregon weather and raining so much that I'm actually afraid my little plants will die! I hope not though, it would be so good to have basil and tomatoes in the summer.