Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Paul's Birthday

Today Paul, my best friend lover man turned twenty! This is technically the third day of his birthday celebration because I gave him his present two days ago and his cake yesterday. But today was the real deal so we got ice cream for breakfast and it was tasty. Red Wagon Creamery's honey mead and goat cheese ice cream is just about the weirdest and most wonderful thing ever. Red Wagon was at the university today for the annual spring street fair that goes all the way through campus, and even though it was a little windy today, a cold breeze never stopped us from getting ice cream before, so it certainly wasn't going to on Paul's birthday.

I also wore just about my favorite outfit today. Unfortunately it got colder and wetter as the day progressed, so I had to put on more and more layers that hid all of my cool polka dots. Also unfortunately, Paul and I had a bunch of things to work on for classes today so after our ice cream breakfast I didn't see him again until the evening.

I am sometimes an impatient lady or maybe I'm just too easily excitable. But I gave Paul his present two days ago because I had already waited two weeks and I just couldn't wait any longer. I got him a Le Creuset iron skillet, which is exactly what he wanted but he had no idea I would splurge on a Le Creuset piece. But I figured, Paul only turns twenty once and this pan will last until we are old and it will stay beautiful forever, so I went for it. Needless to say, Paul loved it!

Then yesterday (still not his birthday) I baked him a cake. I never do layer cakes. I could say it's because I love cupcakes so much, but it's really just because layer cakes scare me. The cake was pretty scary actually, as one of the layers got completely stuck to the pan and had to be ripped out in pieces, but that's nothing a little frosting can't fix. Also I got a little creative with my sprinkles because I ran out of frosting to pipe a message on top, but Paul and I are big fans of sprinkles, so everything worked out for the best.

When I finally came home and saw Paul this evening I just about cried because he told me he had a meeting to go to for a group project and we couldn't go out for his birthday dinner. But after some serious pouting on my part, he asked his team members for the night off, and considering it was his birthday, they obliged! So we walked a couple of miles away to Cornbread Cafe again. On the way I saw a lovely flower with blue tips and then I saw a blue bird! A blue bird on a trash can! I whipped out my camera and got this picture before it flew away. It was a happy moment. 

It can be difficult to get yummy, Southern food when you're a vegetarian so Cornbread Cafe's all vegan menu is a lifesaver. This was Paul and I's second time here and it was just as good as last time. Fried tempeh smothered in gravy can make your day. Paul and I ate way too much. It border lined on actually making us sick. We could have easily split just one of these dishes, but we ate them both. So the long walk back, made even longer by the rain, was full of moans and threats of throwing up. I am never eating that much again. Next time I will restrain myself. My belly is not that big. But despite the aches and pains, this was a lovely day and I'm real lucky to have a guy like Paul by my side. We've been together over two years and now we're off into our twenties. 


  1. i love your polka dot sweater! and i actually really like how you did the sprinkles on that cake! i am probably going to steal that idea.
    and oh lord cornbread cafe! there is NOTHING like that near me! i have such a hard time going to meat and threes because it seems like all the veggies i like are made with pork.
    it looks like he had a pretty great birthday, even though he had to do lame school stuff.

    1. It was a great birthday! We ate cake for days and when I would tell Paul that cake is not for dinner, he would tell me that it was still his birthday week and he could do whatever he wanted, so yes, cake was sometimes consumed as a meal. I wish you had a place like Cornbread Cafe to go to! Nothing like vegan comfort food.