Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day Moon

Yesterday was Memorial Day and seeing as I had the day off from school I should have spent it cleaning and doing massive amounts of homework before school ends in two weeks. But I didn't. I sneezed like a crazy person and took allergy medicine which knocked me out the whole day. Paul was an awesome boyfriend and actually did dishes and made me dinner while I snored away, but that's why I like him so much. Today I went to school, went to work, took a picture of the moon in the middle of the day, convinced Paul to go out to Thai food which was the easiest thing in the world, and then came home to watch YouTube videos of Julia Child. Admittedly the Julia Child videos are for a school project, but it doesn't feel much like work since she's my favorite human being ever.

This was a typical day for me. I ate turnips for breakfast. I went to Barry's with my poetry friends. I rolled my pants up until I felt like Huckleberry Finn. I tucked my shirt in because I never leave my shirt untucked. My hair has been getting larger by the minute and I have quite the crazy little afro right now. Paul took a nap and woke up to tell me that he felt like rice. It's just normal Eugene stuff around here today. 

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