Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cafe Soriah

Just a few blocks away from our house is the cutest, fanciest Greek restaurant called Cafe Soriah. Paul and I went there for the first time two months ago on the first Friday of the month. We decided it was a fun tradition and would go once a month on the first Friday. This month though, we got overwhelmed with school and didn't get around to it until today. That's fine by me though because they just switched over to their spring menu and we got to eat on their outdoor patio because it was so nice today. 

Their food is tasty, but the whole place is also adorable. It's a giant pink house for heaven's sake. Even though it's only Tuesday, I feel like it's been such a long week. I'm ready for summer vacation. I'm ready not to go to eight am classes. I'm ready to not wear jackets and not wear tights with dresses all the time. We can eat outside whenever we want! 

Paul and I split risotto stuffed zucchinis for an appetizer. Then we had prasopita, which is a Greek phyllo dough pie with leeks and ricotta cheese. It was awesome and flaky and like giant savory baklava. Then for desert I had creme brulee for the first time. It was like warm perfect melted ice cream with a crunchy sugar topping! Now I want little ramekins and a blow torch so I can make it myself. It was super tasty. While Paul and I were sitting outside and waiting for the bill, we saw an adorable snail on the fence. Maybe I'm weird because I think snails are adorable, but I was fascinated with it. We showed it to the waitress when she came back and she snatched it right up and threw it over the fence. She said a snail had eaten all of the beautiful flowers on the patio and she'd been meaning to evict him when she got the chance! It was so funny, but I also hope the snail  didn't die because I would be a little bummed out since we're the ones who accidentally tattled on him. Sorry about that, buddy.


  1. that prasopita looks so good! i've never even heard of that before!

    1. It also had a dill yogurt sauce on top with tomatoes! Very tasty stuff.