Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bits of Weekend

My weekend has been great so far. Other than a minor rain shower yesterday, it's been feeling a lot like spring around here. It's supposed to be around 80 degrees on Monday, but I'm not getting my hopes up. Yesterday Paul and I went to the diner down the street to split a veggie burger and butterscotch malted milkshake. The milkshake was to die for. It made my day. I love milkshakes. If I really let myself go, I would have milkshakes everyday.

After lunch we hung out by this elephant mural. It's a very subtle little mural and elephants are my favorite animal so I was pretty pleased. I wore my favorite high waisted bell bottomed rusty colored pants. I stand by the fact that they are cool and comfortable and not dorky, but I have questionable fashion judgment so I wouldn't exactly trust me. After lunch Paul and I and all of my friends in my poetry class went to a reading at a local bookstore to see our graduate student teachers read some of the their work. It was fantastic and then afterwards we all had a little poetry party and listened to Elton John and our poetry teachers even showed up. It was quite the party.

We woke up surprisingly early for such a long night out and have been doing all sorts of errands ever since. We went to the laundromat and I got to read some of Mindy Kaling's memoir called "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)." It's light and funny and good and it was pretty fun to go to the laundromat because we normally wash clothes by hand. We also went to the farmer's market and loaded up on asparagus which I am so happy is back in season. Paul and I also treated ourselves to this lovely marionberry cream cheese danish. Lovely is an understatement. I should really get into making danishes because then I would be the happiest lady alive.

Paul and I also got some bread at the farmer's market and it came in this nifty orange paper bag. We cracked up about it because I insisted that I pretend it was a baby in all of the pictures we took. Paul called me "bread mama" and we laughed a lot. Paul and I are in the process of making asparagus risotto in his new iron skillet so you can say that we've had a rather successful weekend so far. Tomorrow we are going to have to do all of the homework that we haven't done the last two days, but I'm holding onto this weekend while I can.


  1. the elephant mural is so cute! i love that it is just little and hanging over the side.
    annnnd i love butterscotch and have never seen a butterscotch milkshake! i would DIE!

    1. It's so tasty! My favorite of theirs though is the banana malted milkshake. It's so thick they serve it to you with a spoon!