Saturday, May 26, 2012

Animals and Earrings

If there was a word to describe today it would be productive. Paul and I woke up early, ate leftover stew and biscuits for breakfast, and went straight to the grocery store. After we got home we went back to the farmer's market for vegetables. Snap peas are finally back in season and people were going crazy for them! There was a huge bin of snap peas and everyone was grabbing them by the handful and shoving them into their bags. As we were walking home we saw this awesome squirrel. He jumped off the tree and landed on this little fence post to look at me closer. He then ran back up the tree and onto the roof, but I knew we were friends.

Today I wore one of my favorite pairs of earrings. They're really quite silly. I got them at an art sale on campus last year and they're plastic. The animal head is three dimensional, but I can't quite figure out what it is. Every time I wear these people ask me what animal it is but I don't know! Today five or six people even stopped me to ask, but their guess was as good as mine. My three closest guesses are a bear, a lamb, or a cougar. Anyways Paul and I continued our crazy cleaning spree from yesterday and made a pretty decent dent in the amount of work we have to do around the house. Now we're making risotto and the good weekend just continues!

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