Friday, May 25, 2012

And All I Got Was This Hat

Since it's Friday and sunny outside, Paul and I went to the local diner Dickie Joe's for a malted milkshake. When we got there, it was closed. It wasn't just closed for the day. It was closed for forever! It's being replaced by a BBQ place in a couple of months which is dumb for several reasons. First of all Dickie Joe's is a Eugene classic and it's been there for at least 30 years. Secondly it's always busy in there! It's the only place like it and people really loved it. Thirdly Paul and I don't eat meat so having a BBQ place three blocks away from home isn't really going to help us out much. We were pretty upset about it, so one of the employees clearing out the place gave us these hats.

We are still pretty bummed because veggie burgers, truffle fries, and milkshakes are a pretty fun meal. Paul was still determined to get a milkshake though. So when we couldn't find another restaurant in the area that sold milkshakes, we went to the grocery store to buy ice cream and milk. Then we went home and made our own milkshake. It actually ended up awesome, but it's just not the same. My parents will be upset about this too! Every time they come down to Eugene to visit, we went to Dickie Joe's. So long favorite diner, you will be missed.

Paul vented his frustrations by refusing to take off his free hat and jumping like a crazy person. At least it was nice and sunny out today. It's been raining like crazy the past few days, so maybe this was the universe's way of paying us back for taking away our local diner.

The reason we even wanted a milkshake in the first place was because we spent the whole morning working around the house and we thought a milkshake would be the perfect way to cool off. We don't like to throw things away in case they end up being useful later, so we've been keeping all of our glass jars from peanut butter and sauces for the last year or so. We cleaned out ten of the jars and scrubbed off their labels to make room for our dry bulk foods. Paul and I have been making stew from scratch a lot lately and have all of these fun rices and beans lying in the cabinet in the plastic bags from the bulk section of the grocery store. It's so much nicer to have them in cute labeled jars than in messy plastic bags. This was actually a fairly large project seeing as we had to boil all of the jars to get them clean and then scrub off labels that didn't really want to come off. But it was worth it. Even fun little day projects like this make me feel so much more organized and that's a good feeling to have!


  1. The jars look awesome! Perfect for beans and rice.

    So sorry that your favorite little diner closed. I absolutely hate when local gems like that close down. A BBQ place sounds like a sorry replacement for such a cool place. The hats are cute though at least! The first pictures is great.

  2. that sucks about the diner! i wish there was something cool (with vegetarian options) near me.

    i love how the jars turned out! i'm a big fan of the bulk section as well. most of my stuff is in jars or vintage tupperware.