Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Week Without a Computer

This week has been a tiny bit crazy. I should preface this by saying that sometimes I use my laptop as a folder for all my school papers. Well last Monday after class I stuffed all my papers in my laptop like normal and biked home. I later opened my laptop to a screen full of vibrating purple lines and a big crack right down the middle, starting at a black circle at the bottom of the screen. This is the second time this school year I've had to get my screen replaced and it is an expensive mistake, however this time I couldn't fathom what I had done wrong (last time it fell on the ground). After a near tearful phone call with my dad I realized I had stuffed some papers in my laptop held together by a shiny gold binder clip. When I put the papers back in my laptop the way they'd been and closed it, the binder clip matched up exactly to the spot on my screen that was a black hole. So this last week Paul and I have been sharing his laptop for homework (not fun) and I haven't been able to blog. But I am back, and what a week it's been.

Last week I turned these boring grey skinny jeans into shorts. This was my second successful encounter with my sewing machine so I was very pleased. I also painted some yellow spots along the pockets on a whim. I am thankful that I have at least a little bit of self control because I had originally planned to fill the whole pocket with yellow spots. Apparently less is more.

On Easter Sunday my friend Alanna came over to help Paul and I make purple food. We made my favorite roasted blueberry cupcakes which were the tastiest things and also purple solely because of the juice of the berries. I want to try these cupcakes with marionberries, my favorite of the berry family. Marionberries were actually created and bred in the fifties in Oregon, so I don't know if they exist anywhere else, but I love them. They are like giant sweet blackberries. Paul and I also had hard boiled eggs pickling in beet juice sitting in the fridge the whole week before just for the occasion because nothing screams Easter to me like magenta deviled eggs. We peeled hard boiled eggs and then let them soak in red wine, vinegar, and beet juice for a week and that dyes the whole egg pink! 

While these were beyond fun to look at, next time we try them I'd like to bathe them in more wine and beet juice, but less vinegar. These were sour little eggs. Paul made the mayonnaise that we used for the filling of the deviled eggs from scratch. He was very proud of his mayonnaise making skills. 

Then on Thursday the best thing happened. The girls from my poetry seminar and I drove up to Portland to see Sister Spit! It's a poetry reading/singing/performance art feminist festival that travels the country and speaks to issues of feminism and queer identity. It was amazing. I laughed, I cried, and smiled big crazy smiles the whole time. We got a picture with Michelle Tea! I got to practically hug her! She signed her book for me! She's the main reason we wanted to go; we read her poetry collection The Beautiful last term in poetry. The conversations in the car ride home last night were iterations of: "Oh my god! I can't believe that just happened! Michelle Tea touched my shoulder! Oh my god!"

On Saturday it was very warm outside so I went to the farmer's market while Paul was on a field trip. I got pesto goat cheese, crazy pink radishes, and a tomato plant that I hope will stay alive in time to fruit! The goat cheese is just too good so Paul and I have been eating pesto goat cheese spread on toast with sliced radishes on top for pretty much every meal since. We went to go visit our friends and spent some time lounging in the sun before going to eat Thai food. The rest of the weekend continued rather uneventfully, but now I have my computer back for the beginning of a new week and it's going to be great if the clouds ever go away!

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