Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hoops and Belly Aches

The past few days it's been drizzly in the mornings, chilly in the afternoons, but sunny in the evenings. I can deal with that. Paul took pictures of me today in our "backyard." The lot behind our house belongs to the real estate agency that occupies the bottom floor of the house. The lot serves not only as the parking space for their employees, but a junk yard of stuff, including this car, that were left behind in other rental houses. I'm particularly fond of this car. It's pretty cute, minus the bricks and black tarp of course. 

Sometimes we re-purpose the junk we find in the back lot. We've adopted some turquoise dining chairs and a few flower pots. I found this bike tire and thought it might as well be a hula hoop. The first picture looks like I'm hooping but I'm not. It falls about two seconds later. The next picture Paul entitled "Noelle sits on a toilet roller coaster." Next I play the bongos and throw out a high kick. I'm full of talent. I want to be in the circus. 

 Today was all sorts of lovely until Paul and I went out for dinner. Moral of the story is next time you want to pay $14 for what you think is an enchilada platter but is actually two taquito sized "enchiladas" that are not cooked in any sort of sauce and come with cold, under cooked rice and beans, go to Agate Alley Laboratory. Paul started getting an allergic reaction in the restaurant, and the only thing he's allergic to is avocado. When we asked the waitress she said it was actually avocado creme fraiche on the side, not sour cream like the menu said. We told her he was allergic and was having a reaction and she said we should have mentioned that before we ordered, as if we were somehow supposed to know that when it says sour cream on the menu, it's actually avocado in real life. 

Despite a sore stomach and plans to storm back in and demand a refund, we managed to see this beautiful cotton candy sky on the way home, which helped a little. We also got Paul some Benadryl to help his swollen lips and belly ache. I think the medicine made him a little loopy, though not enough to make him stop thinking about sweets. He's asleep right now, but before he fell asleep he asked for hot chocolate to help his belly ache. I told him that hot chocolate is bad for belly aches. He asked if I would Google it just to make sure, and then fell asleep. That's my boy.    

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