Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Food Day

Paul recovered from his sneaky avocado sickness and woke up this morning all well rested and cheery. I'm glad he felt good today because it was the kind of day that you needed to spend outside! Despite a tiny nip in the air, it was sunny enough for me to wear my mustard wedge shoes and it's not often I can do that. 

This morning we made whole wheat butterscotch pancakes from scratch. We devoured them; too tasty for words. Then we went to the grocery store, which I seriously never tire of. Now that it's spring there are all sorts of our favorite foods coming into season. Tomorrow we'll go to the farmer's market to get the freshest stuff. We thought we couldn't top our pancakes but then we made lunch, scrambled egg with vegan sausage and smokey creole sauce on top. Our bellies were singing its praises for hours. 

We took a nice bike ride to try out Red Wagon Creamery's new location. They used to only be a block away from us, but we've been missing their ice cream so we biked out to meet them at the PartyCart, their new partners in crime! It just so happened that today was the PartyCart's one year anniversary so Red Wagon made birthday cake ice cream, with huge chunks of frosting and cake, and gave it away for free in adorable tiny cones! 

Paul was jealous because I got the cone with the most frosting. This was the third good food thing of the day. There tons of people, tons of ice cream, and beautiful blue skies. Also the PartyCart has foxes having a party painted on the side. I pretty much want to decorate everything so that it looks like the PartyCart. I also loved those tiny cones. I could eat about 50 of them. But it's okay! They're tiny!

After this we biked straight to Cafe Soriah, our favorite new restaurant we tried last month. We went there on the first Friday of March and declared that it was our new first Friday of the month date night spot. So we returned this Friday and got our favorite goat cheese, hazelnut, and port soaked pear salad as well as some artichoke heart basil mushroom raviolis. I can't pass up a good ravioli. So much good food today. We hope this continues the rest of this sunny weekend!   

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