Friday, April 20, 2012

Fiddleheads and Ruffles

Today was near perfect. I honestly can't think of anything that went wrong. Paul and I slept in and then ate treats for breakfast. You can't beat that. We finished the blueberry crisp I made last night and it was the perfect way to start my morning. It was also sunny all day! The grass is still wet from this week's rain, but it should dry up because sun is in the forecast for the long haul now.

To celebrate this sunshine goodness I wore my new shirt from Anthropologie. It makes me feel like a bird princess! Put a bird on it! A few weeks ago I was interviewed for the University of Oregon's literary arts journal and the interview was finally published! It's pretty nifty, they started a new feature called artist of the term, and they picked me to be their first one! After Paul saw the article he told me I was great, right up there with Abraham Lincoln and Gandhi. Paul's a keeper. We hung out around the house today. We did lots of dishes, sang lots of songs, and soaked up the sun. Paul and I both don't have classes on Fridays, so they have turned into such nice relaxing days. 

I've been waiting for such a day to try out my Auntie Robin's fiddlehead risotto recipe. She has an amazing food blog and I'm always trying her stuff. I was mainly excited because fiddleheads are just about the cutest vegetable on the planet. 

We topped the risotto with sea salt and tomatoes. The fiddleheads unraveled a little bit and pretty much turned into tiny asparagus pieces, so maybe next time I will add them right at the end of the cooking process so they keep their shape. Paul and I even bought the special risotto rice for this dish! Last time I made risotto I just used normal rice and to be honest it turned out totally fine, but everyone I talked to told me that I had pretty much broken an unspoken rule. I did it right this time and it was creamy and wonderful.

Then Paul and I made root beer floats! I love when the ice cream gets those crunchy root beer bits crusted on the outside. This was such a perfect spring day for these treats and overall a really great food day. We spent the latter part of the day fixing up our pink tandem bike that has been broken for the last year. It's finally fixed (albeit with the questionable use of duct tape) and it will do for now. It's supposed to stay in the seventies tomorrow, so we 're planning to go to Mt. Pisgah, the local arboretum, and find me some newts to befriend! 

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