Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Cirque

Paul and I have had quite the spontaneous weekend so far. It's Paul's birthday this week so he was going to go down to Portland for a day to see his family and I was planning on staying in Eugene to get some work done. Plans changed when Paul found out his mom got us Cirque Du Soleil tickets! So I packed up really quickly, bought a ticket on the same bus home as Paul, and we ran to the train station. On the way, though, we passed the Saturday Market. Low and behold Red Wagon Creamery was still open and still had a little left of their ridiculously awesome birthday cake ice cream. So we made a short pit stop.

As it turned out, it was slightly too long of a pit stop. We got to the train station with about three minutes to spare before the bus was going to take off! But we had our ice cream, so we were good. I don't particularly like moving vehicles. They give me headaches. I much prefer my bike. So I slept most of the bus ride. We had a minor incident when the man in front of us dropped his red colored, cinnamon flavored coffee on the ground and it soaked through our back packs. Now my pack has some pink splotches and smells faintly of Red Hots, but we made it out alive.

In Portland we were greeted by Paul's parents bearing gifts of Cracker Jacks and our tickets! Paul and I meandered around downtown for a little bit and then took the city train rail, called the MAX, to go to Cirque Du Soleil. On the MAX, a very disabled man told me that I had beautiful hair just like Tina Turner. What a crazy day! It was all unplanned and not what I was expecting at all. I had expected Paul to leave for 24 hours, for me to do some dishes, mope around the house, and re-watch Downton Abbey.

But here I am in Portland. Cirque Du Soleil was amazing. I wasn't expecting anything less. Those blue and yellow tents get me every time! It's like an Ikea circus! I'm going to spend today with my family and then head back over to Paul's tonight to celebrate his birthday early. Then we're taking the train back to Eugene and have to go to class in the morning again! Crazy, spontaneous, circus weekends are really the best kind.

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