Sunday, April 29, 2012

Circus Aftermath

I am so glad Paul and I made this little Portland trip. We are currently on the train back to Eugene and I cannot fathom that I actually still have homework to do (seeing as I got nothing done this weekend) and I have class at 8:30 tomorrow morning. This morning, however, was good because I got to spend time with my family and my dogs and then this afternoon I went back to Paul's place for his birthday celebration. 

We were still so amazed by Cirque Du Soleil last night so we went a little crazy down by this neat yellow sculpture on the dock in front of Paul's parent's condo. We jumped and danced and generally pretended like we were a part of the circus. Paul originally didn't like this weird sculpture taking up all the space on the dock, but I am never opposed to big yellow pieces of art, and I think he warmed up to it once he realized he could jump off of it. 

Paul's birthday celebration went off without a hitch. We had cake, candles, and Paul's stepbrother's new baby to meet! It was a rowdy good time and Portland treated us well. I wish I could just snap my fingers and travel back and forth between Portland and Eugene whenever I wanted. It would cut out all these train rides which give me crazy headaches and I could see my family (and dogs) more often. One of these days I will invent a traveling through space machine, and then my life will be perfect.

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