Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bell Bottoms and Macarons

I love French macarons. They are such fancy little cookies. Seeing as frosting is one of my most favorite foods, I love that macarons have quite a large dollop of frosting in the middle. Also the cookies are so light and crunchy at the same time. Paul and I went to the farmer's market today, the first one of the season to have the Saturday craft market along with it, and were pleasantly surprised to see macarons among the vegetables. I have this fantasy where I have cupcake and macaron bakery and everything is colorful and fluffy. Paul and I even bought the special almond flour to make macarons ourselves but I've heard they can be tricky, so I'm terrified. But after today I'm inspired by their deliciousness, so they might be worth the risk.

Today I was brave enough to wear my high waisted, bell bottomed, rusty colored corduroys. I got them on super sale at Anthropologie after Christmas, but they've been a real project. First I had to hem them because they were about four inches too long. I wanted to do it myself so I looked up several online tutorials and it ended up being the first real project I used my sewing machine for. And I did it! I didn't mess them up. Unfortunately they were so high waisted that the zipper fell down every time I sat down, so I haven't been wearing them. But I fixed that problem with a safety pin today and wore them with pride.

After wearing my bell bottoms and realizing that I can actually sew things, I've spent the last few hours turning a pair of boring pants into shorts! I even decorated the back pockets with some fabric ink to give them a bit of pizzazz. If it continues to be sunny and beautiful like it has been, I will wear them tomorrow. One of my greatest pleasures in life is creating things. Another is being frugal and re-purposing things. Altering my clothes allows me to do both of those things! I am in danger of getting so enamored with the power to change my clothes that nothing I own is safe. I just need to step back, relax, and continue to enjoy this beautiful weather. 

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