Saturday, March 17, 2012

You're a Hot Jalapeno

Today was all sorts of lovely. It was sunny for the first time in at least a week. It has been puddle-central over here in Eugene and I have been miserable out of my mind! This last week of school was crazy stressful and I'm so glad it's over.

To celebrate I wore short sleeves and I jumped and I threw my sweater behind me. Sweaters are for winter, and now it is practically spring! This St. Patrick's Day was windy, chilly, sunny, and only rained for about 10 minutes. That's a good day in my book. 

I have recently been a terrible blogger mainly on account of terrible weather and terrible school. But today Paul and I treated ourselves. We went to this place we've been wanting to try for weeks now. It's called Cornbread Cafe. It's an all vegan southern style comfort food restaurant with adorable orange and blue decorations. We loved it.

I got chicken fried tempeh with gravy, mashed potatoes, mac "un" cheese, and jalapeno cornbread which prompted Paul to tell me that I was a hot jalapeno. It was all organic and all vegan and the tastiest darn thing I ever did eat. 

Paul got this gigantic sandwich! It was so huge! It had deep fried carrots (yum), onion rings, spicy sauce, southern fried tofu, lettuce, and vegan cheese. That was the second most tasty thing ever. I also could barely eat it on account that it was as big as my face. Cornbread Cafe was cheap and cute and the wait staff was so nice and there was live music and it was so "Eugene." I love where I live. 

Speaking of Eugene, Paul and I biked through the most adorable neighborhood to get to Cornbread Cafe, and we ran across this little green toilet. It's being used as a flower pot. This cracks me up. It also doesn't even seem that weird after living here for almost two years. My St. Patrick's Day was the first nice day I've had in a long time and I'll be forever grateful if this sunny weather continues and the rain takes a little vacation.  


  1. I love wearing my sweaters year round, but it's so exciting when they start being optional. Sunny weather is so nice after months of gloom.

  2. The food looks amazing. Love all these pictures. It's already so hot here in South Carolina, so I'm excited that I'll get a more pleasant summer when we move up north.