Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wins and Fails

This weekend has gone by too fast. I was lazy, but I need even more time to be lazy. I attempted some baking last night and this morning. Maybe I've lost my touch. Or maybe it's the new whole grain gritty brown flour Paul bought, but our recent baked goods have been a little yucky. The good news is that I whipped up some homemade strawberry poptarts and they taste pretty okay. The two that I managed not to break at least look cute. The other good new is that our little sprouts are going crazy and are several inches high. Those are the wins for this weekend. 

The bad news is that my kitchen is a mess and I screwed up the beet cupcakes. I've made beet cupcakes so many times; they're my favorite! But I made them without cupcake liners and although I used lots of gross Pam, they still stuck. So I ended up with half cupcakes. Also they're dry and sad and gritty from the healthy flour. 

I'm not going to lie on my blog and pretend that I live in domestic bliss constantly. I'm a messy person! I make bad cupcakes sometimes and it makes me so sad! Paul had to give me a pep talk today that mentioned Albert Einstein and how everyone has to make mistakes to learn. My lesson learned is that if your flour looks like its "healthy" and resembles sand, don't put it in pastries. The other lesson is that if you use your dining room table to bake on, despite beautiful sunny green walls and an orange mixer, things will still look messy. But that's okay. I have the rest of this short weekend to fix it.

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