Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Real Life Snow Day

It's finals week. Paul left me on Monday to go snowboarding with his brother in Utah. But my only final this week is on Thursday so I have to stick it out in Eugene all by my lonesome. I don't even know if getting to my final tomorrow will be possible though, because of snow! Last night around five in the morning or so, this crazy stuff happened. 

The last time it snowed in Eugene I had to bike to my morning class before realizing it had been cancelled. And it didn't so much snow (it didn't stick) as the rain was just extra wet that day. The time before that it snowed less than an inch and Paul and I ran to go outside and play in it. The irony of it is, Paul is in the snow right now in Utah, thinking he left me in good old rainy Eugene, but there is snow here too. We are kindred spirits! Real life snow. Like four to five inches of real life snow. Oregonians don't know what to do with this weather. The red car about to turn across the street from me got stuck in the snow for about four minutes right after I took this picture.

Since it is a snow day I decided it was appropriate to make chocolate biscuits for breakfast. Paul and I made them last week and they were divine. It's pretty much normal biscuits with cocoa added in and I put in a little cinnamon just for fun.

I'm not going to lie. This particular batch did not turn out awesome. In an effort to get these in my mouth as soon as possible, I didn't rinse the baking sheet quite as well as I should have and the bottoms of these babies taste like green apple dish soap. Maybe it's because I did dishes by hand for over an hour last night, but that is not something I can just ignore right now. Such is life. If Paul were here he would have surely rinsed that pan so much more thoroughly than I did. Thankfully I still have half the batter to try things again. Things are getting a little crazy over here. My lights are flickering. I really don't need a power outage right now. My computer needs to charge so I can write my paper for my final today and I need the heat on for this blustery day. Stay with me power! Don't you be leaving me too. 

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