Sunday, March 4, 2012

Oreos and Bikes

Today has been fairly lazy. Paul and I had big plans to go on a nice long bike ride, but it didn't happen. We planned on going to lunch at a fun new place to get veggie paninis and caramelized onion mac and cheese, but it didn't happen. It's sunny outside, but it's a little chilly. I spent my afternoon doing homework and reading blogs, but mainly reading blogs. I did have a minor altercation with the oven this morning and I got burned by a pan that was 450 degrees. It's a miracle I still have two fully functioning hands because I burn myself almost every single time the oven is on.

Paul and I decided to take pictures with our bikes because they are our most favorite possessions. Paul and I don't have cars. Embarrassing fact of the day is that I don't even have my license. So bikes take us everywhere. It's really a blessing and a curse. I love my bike. I named her Pollyanna. She is sturdy and from the 70's. However biking to school in the rain is not my favorite thing. Biking in the cold is not my favorite thing. Biking near cars is not my favorite thing. Cars are scary and I've had a one near death experience where a car almost hit me and it was the worst. However, generally biking is good and sometimes Paul likes to pick up his bike to show me how strong he is. 

The best part of today though, was making Oreo Cheesecake. I've been wanting to make something sweet and I haven't had cheesecake in a long time. It was super easy and came together really quickly. It's in the fridge cooling right now, and I can't wait to try it. I am very tempted to eat a piece right now, but it's too hot still. And warm cheesecake sounds just unpleasant enough that I'm not willing to risk it. In a few hours though, it will be in my belly.

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