Friday, March 30, 2012

The Most Fun Wet Day

Today was one of those days that was ugly on the outside and beautiful on the inside. Paul and I got back home to Eugene late last night and our city welcomed us with buckets of rain. This morning was no different, just rain, rain, rain. However, we had a coupon for a buy one get one free coffee at Dutch Bros a couple of blocks away. So we braved the rain and warmed ourselves up with some mocha coffees. Then we saw this beautiful Camellia branch in front of a business that had been knocked down in the snow storm last week. It's my favorite flower and I couldn't pass it up. So I took the branch from the lawn and ran away!

Paul broke his glasses snowboarding last week so yesterday we spent a good hour and a half in the mall finding him new ones. They didn't fit quite right so we took a stroll down to the glasses store to have them loosened today. The glasses store had free cookies, which we took full advantage of.

As we were walking home from the glasses store we saw a crazy thing. It looked like a large raccoon with a bird face. Paul and I realized it was a freaking wild turkey! Just roaming around Eugene like nobody's business! I chased it out of the road and I wish I had a picture or video of it. It was so awesome. Animals excite me like nothing else. It was like Christmas morning. Me and that turkey, we were pals. By the time we got home we were soaking wet, so I donned this scarf that Paul's world traveler brother Ian got me in India! Indian souvenirs are the best kind. And then as Paul was sanding down my cutting board, he found this little wood grain that looked like a heart. It's almost like he planned it. 

Finally we settled down to eat some Merlot and mozzarella raviolis. Paul also ground down some pepper in our new wooden mortar and pestle. Another Indian souvenir! Today was just the best day. It was our first real day back home. We still have a few more days before school starts. Even though it was rainy and gloomy, we didn't let that get us down. We just went outside and had the greatest day doing little simple things. If we hadn't gone outside, I would have never had a turkey friend! The forecast shows rain for days, but Paul and I won't let that stop us anymore. 

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