Saturday, March 3, 2012

Here Comes the Sun

What a day. I went outside without a jacket. I wore a sweater. The sweater was too hot. I've been dreaming of this day for months. Paul and I knew today was the day for activities because apparently on Tuesday it's going to snow again. We took this opportunity to become one with these deer bike stands. They are the funnest things. Unfortunately they are in a sketchy part of downtown, across the street from the bus station. It's where 13 year old kids with dyed black hair who wear chains look like they want to beat me up especially when I wear yellow corduroys and a pink knit hat.

Paul and I took our time wandering around Eugene. We went to the farmer's market, we got ice cream, we went swinging. It's been a great two days. Yesterday Paul took me out for fancy dinner and oh my goodness gracious, it was the best dinner I've ever had.  It's pretty pathetic, but we're so busy with school that the only parts of Eugene we ever explore are the ones towards campus. This restaurant was only a few blocks behind us; we just never go in that direction. We actually found it yesterday while Paul and I were on a run. I don't go on runs. I have always convinced myself that I hate running. But on a whim we went on a 1.75 mile run just because it was nice out, and it was the most fun I've had in a while.

So with all this running and sunshine and good food I decided to wear yellow pants. I almost didn't. They are so close to being too bright. But I did. And I actually got three compliments from strangers on them! Although the strangers were a child and two old women, which should tell you something about my sense of style. I've been told I'm whimsical.

Maybe I have a whimsical food style too. I've been known to eat cheesy scrambled eggs mixed with pears cooked in cinnamon. Today Paul and I made a play on our Cornmato Pie. We made caramelized onion, brussel sprout, and goat cheese biscuit pie. It's sweet and salty and ridiculously good. Food tastes so much more fun when it's in a pie.

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  1. A) I love your almost-too-bright yellow pants.
    B) Whimsical is a good word for you.
    C) "Food tastes so much more fun when it's in a pie" is my new favorite quote.