Tuesday, March 27, 2012


In one of my favorite spots in downtown Portland there is currently a lot of construction. To hide all that ugly they covered the whole site with these faces painted by little kids. It's pretty much the cutest thing ever. After a couple of difficult first days of spring break, it was so nice to be in Portland, sit in the sun, look at these faces, and see Paul for the first time in a week! 

It was seriously beautiful outside yesterday, well, for a little while. It rained a bit, but I'm used to that. We wandered around and munched on some chocolates he bought me in Utah. Paul broke his glasses while snowboarding so we shopped for some new frames and I think we found some keepers. I tried  to make friends with all the pigeons hanging out in the park. I don't think they were quite as excited about the prospect as I was. 

After applying some lipstick I was ready to go. It was so refreshing to see Paul. A week without my main man is pretty tough! We got to talk about Icelandic concerts, and snowboarding, and falling on your face, and chocolates, and snow, and problems back in Eugene that we don't have to worry about for a little while. It was like my whole body let out a big breath and instantly calmed down from all the craziness of the last week.

This guy was my little spirit. I appreciate his blue eyebrows and his big lips. I'm a big lipped lady so I felt like we understood each other.

This guy and Paul would be pals, check out his balding corn rose. After playing with faces Paul and I saw The Hunger Games. We had a great time. Paul pretended not to like it as much as he did. He did his whole, "yeah, I guess it was okay" thing, but I know he liked it. I know because any time anyone was fighting he was squeezing my hand and when Katniss volunteered to be a tribute, he totally cried (I'm sorry Paul but you totally did).


  1. Your blog is so delightful! Can I ask where you got that lovely necklace with the large beads?

    1. Thank you! My boyfriend Paul bought the necklace for me last summer. The artist's name is Kristina Klarin. She now sells similar necklaces here: http://www.houseofkami.com/her.html?cat=56&p=3.