Thursday, March 1, 2012

End of the Term Blues

I'm not on top of my game. It's the end of the term and while I don't feel sick, I just don't feel super awesome either. My brain is a few steps behind. For example yesterday Paul and I watched Groundhog Day. I had never seen it and besides having Bill Murray in it (awesome) I thought it was appropriate considering the holiday. Yesterday was Leap Day. The movie is about Groundhog Day. For the first third of the movie I thought they were the same thing. This brain lapse could possibly be explained by the fact that I biked a mile to my 8 am class in the snow (what the heck, weather) only to find out it had been cancelled. 

While yesterday might have included crazy snow times, it did also have some good points. I tried brussel sprouts for the first time and loved them. I knit myself half a scarf. Today I even woke up early to make these brown sugar pound cakes with brown butter glaze. They taste like sugar cookies and pancakes had a baby. Paul said they're his new favorite. Paul ate three in one sitting when I wasn't looking. The bad news is that despite me being a year ahead in credits, the one class I was most excited about taking was full. The waiting list was even full! No Grimm Brothers German Fairy Tale Folklore for me. But I do have a Cheetos colored KitchenAid mixer and a few baby pound cakes still, so life is still good I think.

I am still waiting for this term to be over, though. Today I feel like how I look in this picture. Paul and I were at a Mario Kart themed costume party two years ago. I was one of those mean red turtle shells. In this picture I am a sad, flattened turtle shell. Paul was Metal Mario, which is obvious when you observe the craftsmanship and quality of his duct tape and aluminum foil costume.  

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