Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cherry on Top

I think I might be experiencing some karma for having such a nice time yesterday despite the torrential rain, because today was full of sunshine. Paul and I practically skipped all around Eugene. Sadly we did not see any turkeys today, but we'll see what tomorrow holds.

Eugene is one of the most painted cities I've ever seen. There are murals everywhere, but this one is my favorite. The others are cute and a little hippie-trippie but this one actually has perspective and is painted well. It's only a few blocks from our house so we had some fun playing here before heading on to the farmer's market.

I like to call this picture "inconspicuous jumping that just looks like levitation." Paul is a little more subtle than I am. I am a crazy jumper and I just can't help it.

I was simply so excited to be outside, without a jacket, wearing my favorite dress (that I've owned since freshman year of high school), and my new gold oxfords. They're pretty snazzy. I am jazz hands all over the place.

We finally finished jumping and got to the farmer's market at 2:02. Unfortunately it closed at 2:00 and most of the stalls were already closed. But luckily one farmer was nice enough to still sell us some kale, leeks, brussel sprouts, and the first batch of radishes of the season! Then we went to our normal grocery store and loaded up on some more goodies like yams and sweet potato chili. We also got some maraschino cherries, for a very special purpose.

Probably my favorite restaurant in Eugene is this cute little Jewish deli called Barry's. Paul and I go there maybe 2-4 times a week. The ladies who work there know me by name. They have all the good kinds of goodies, but also the best kind. It's like a cinnamon roll but instead of a cinnamon filling, it has a cherry pie filling, and then it's topped with tons of cream cheese frosting. I've wanted to replicate them forever but, who am I kidding, I'm a cupcake lady. I had to make cherry roll cupcakes instead. I used this recipe to make cherry cake from scratch. After some recent baking failures I thought I had lost my touch. But I have not! These turned out fantastic awesome perfect. They are pink (totally naturally), fluffy like a cloud, and sweet like spring. I topped them with cream cheese frosting just like the cherry rolls. Paul and I still have one more day before school starts again and I plan to spend it eating cake. 

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