Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Two Decades

Yesterday I turned twenty. I am now two decades old. Unfortunately my birthday was very busy with school and work and I didn't catch a break until about 7:30 at night. The good news is that Paul took me out to pizza and gelato, and we just got to sit and talk and everything was good again.

Paul got me a beautiful book for my birthday about making things from scratch, which is my most favorite thing to do. And then he made me this cutting board. Yes, he actually made it! It is the most fantastic thing I have ever seen. Also he used the walnut wood to spell out my name! I am literally in shock at how lucky I am to have this handsome, crafty guy. 

We are a pretty artsy bunch, to be honest. All we want to do all day is make things. This past weekend I finally finished this painting I have been working on, and I think it turned out nice. I am hyper-critical of everything I paint and generally end up painting over things, but I like this one. Right now Paul and I are avoiding homework by making blood orange cupcakes. It was my birthday yesterday, I can still do what I want! 

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