Sunday, February 26, 2012

Rolling in the Dough

Paul and I have all of these crazy plans. Among some of the craziest are yarn bombing, moss graffiti, and dumpster diving. Every book we've read about green living and urban foraging says that bakeries are a jackpot for day old bread that they are required to throw out if it doesn't sell. It may or may not be illegal depending on who you talk to and with yesterday's crazy weather, I wasn't risking anything. So when Paul suggested that we try bakery dumpster diving, I told him he was welcome to, but that I would be staying nice and warm in bed.

But twenty minutes later I heard him running up the stairs, giggling, and holding five loaves of bread. I was a little wary of them, considering they came from a dumpster, but Paul explained how they were in several clear plastic bags which were full of big crusty, bakery-styles loaves of bread, and that the bread wasn't actually touching the dumpster. Paul said the bag he got these five loaves out of was so heavy that he actually couldn't lift it! This morning for breakfast we tried big hefty slices slathered in butter and honey and then toasted in the oven. It was heavenly. Now we know of this never ending supply of bread for never ending toast and sandwiches. Next time, if it's not raining, I might just join Paul on the adventure.   

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