Saturday, February 25, 2012

On Zines and Poetry

The sky was playing tricks on me today. It snowed three very brief times. I rained like mad. It hailed the moment I stepped outside and it felt like I was being pelted with needles. But for the majority of the day it was sunny, and this was very strange. So Paul and I generally stayed inside and ate fruits and vegetables.

I had a good hair day and managed to take pictures outside during one of the short periods of sunshine. The highlight of the day was going to the Wandering Goat Cafe and making a zine with the ladies in my poetry seminar. It's a year long program and we had to apply to get in; I actually won a $3000 scholarship from this program for the quality of my poems in my application! Seeing as it's the coolest class ever, we decided to make a zine to showcase our work so far. I picked my four favorite poems to share.

Once we all get our pages done, we're going to make black and white copies and distribute them everywhere! I think we finally decided to call it "Girls with Pens: A collection of poetry from kickass ladies." I always get a little nervous when sharing my writing because I have often experienced negative reactions just because I study literature, let alone poetry. People feel like it's "easy" and a cop out from taking "real" classes. But the fact is, I'm not a pre-med student for a reason. It's not because I'm not good at science, but because I like writing more. It makes me feel something and allows me to think more critically than I ever have in a science class. And right now I'm pretty much getting paid to do it, and honestly it's the hardest class I've ever taken. 

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  1. i am loving that food picture. and i seriously love your style.