Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mascarpone Experiment

A while back I bought some mascarpone cheese to experiment with, and today I finally found the perfect recipe for it. I used it to make a play on cream cheese frosting, but it's lighter and fluffier and so much crazier tasting than cream cheese. The fluffy clouds sit on top of cinnamon banana chocolate chip cupcakes. I think they may be my favorite things I have ever made, maybe other than beet cupcakes because those are pink and you can't really beat that. I made these today with my little sister, Jillie, in mind. She is sixteen (which makes me feel old) and she loves loves loves banana cake. That may even be an understatement. She's obsessed. I bet she would love these.

I'm also including this picture of Paul and I from this past summer because I miss summer so much! This is strange for me! Summer is generally my least favorite season of the year. It's hot and sticky. I'm usually a fall and winter girl. But this year, I can't wait for summer and to be warm all the time. I might even be fine with a little humidity, which is how I know I'm really going crazy. I just know that these cupcakes would probably be even that much better in the sunshine, on a picnic, while wearing a tank top, and drinking chocolate milk. 

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