Thursday, February 16, 2012

I Want to be a Farmer

Paul and I are trying our hardest to be miniature farmers in our flat. Yesterday Paul converted these egg cartons into little seed starts for cauliflower, lettuce, and tomatoes. It's small, but it's still a start. Tonight we went to an AA meeting. AA standing for Aspiring Agriculturists of course! It's a group of student at the University of Oregon that are just really sick of the way that people think about food. Food doesn't come from the grocery store. I want to take seeds, stick 'em in the ground, grow veggies, eat them, share them with other people, and somehow make a living off of it. That's what everyone else in the this group wants to do too. And it might happen! On Monday a grant is getting approved so that students can rent out community garden space and then grow food and then eat it! 

Here I am being in touch with nature. But really, that's all I want to do. I recently told someone I wanted to be a farmer and they looked at me as if I was either crazy or joking. But I am neither of these things, and I am so excited to have found a group of people who feel the same way.

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  1. Yeah!! We want to do this, too! It's actually one of the main reasons we recently moved from NYC to Westminster, Maryland... there's land here. And space to dig in and start practicing our farming skills (and by "skills" I mean very limited knowledge after reading several books). Good luck to you! Wish we had an AA group around here :)