Friday, February 24, 2012

Crazy Times

I may not be the most interesting college student around. After rock climbing every Friday I eat ice cream. I don't drink; I don't go to parties. Watching Lost on Netflix, knitting, and making pink food may be as crazy as I get. But I do smile a lot and I always eat my vegetables, so I guess I'm a good kid. 

Today I'm tired. This morning the sun was shining, but right now the skies are bleak and grey. That's kind of how I feel. It's getting towards the end of the term and I just want a little sunshine and maybe like three and half days where I can go swim in a lake and eat strawberries and not do any homework. The good news is a I have a stripey skirt, and Paul was really cute while trying to put these Tetris blocks together to make a cube outside of the local post office. The other good news is that tomorrow is the weekend and while the weather forecast predicts wind and rain, I will stay positive and maybe it will be sunny once more.

Also tomorrow my poetry seminar class is going to my favorite cafe to make a zine. There's only four of us including the teacher and we're all girls and it will be so fun and crafty. Paul and I took a long trip to get this beautiful bread yesterday and we used it today (on my new cutting board) to make a fried egg and tempeh "bacon" sandwich. Also I just got this most wondrous yarn in the mail from my super cool Auntie Robin and Uncle Kirk! It's my favorite brand; it's soft and fluffy and thick. It's the same brand that I used to make my cool hat and scarf. I don't know quite what I will make of this yarn yet, but the possibilities are endless!

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