Friday, February 3, 2012

Climbing to the Top

I've been pretty hard on myself lately. I'm terrible at rock climbing. I'm not normally terrible at things because I always tell myself I can do anything and this mentality generally lets me do anything. I'm taking my second rock climbing class right now and I still can't get to the top of the wall. I get so embarrassed that when I get close to the top I just give up because I assume I won't be able to anyway. But today I am winner because today is the day I climbed to the top, and it was the best day ever.

Seeing as it was the best day ever, I got paid, it was sunny, and Paul and I treated ourselves to veggie burgers at the local diner and we got Red Wagon Creamery ice cream again. The guy who owns it even remembered us from last week! It's almost as if he knew we would be back. I think this will be helpful in my quest for a summer job scooping/eating ice cream.

Unfortunately Paul is leaving for a two day field trip tomorrow so I will flying solo this weekend. And while I may spend my time doing ridiculous amounts of homework, dishes, and laundry, I can look back on today and know it was awesome. Plus Red Wagon Creamery is open tomorrow too, so I might just have to drown my sorrows in more smoked salted caramel ice cream. Oh well. Such is life.

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